About myself

I was born on 16 August 1967 on a farm in Weibern in Upper Austria. The farm consisted out of various animals, fruit trees, forests and streams.  It is a 100% natural environment and excellent for raising children.  Today the farm is a youth hostel catering for kids across the Globe.

In 1975 my parents gave up the agricultural lease and moved to a house in the Village.  My family consists out of my Father, Mother, four brothers and four sisters. 

Music was my passion from an early age. I learned clarinet and guitar and joined the local music orchestra.  I continued with music after the compulsory school education at the Linz Highschool for high talented musicians (Musikgymnasium). From 1982 I studied clarinet with Prof. Karl Maria Kubicek and piano with Prof. Herta Baumgartner at the present Bruckner University.  I graduated in 1987 and joined the Upper Austrian military music in Linz / Ebelsberg and completed my studies in the year 1989 with IGP (instrumental and vocal pedagogy) successfully.


I committed myself to study in a Technical direction and began studying computer science at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz. I used the money I earned as a music teacher in the Upper Austrian State Music School in Mauthausen, St. Georgen an der Gusen, Steyregg and Puchenau to pay for my studies.

In 1992 I applied for the position of Director of the Music School Haag am Hausruck, Gaspoltshofen and Pram.  After completing various interviews, panel interviews etc, I was asked to consider the position.  This was a huge surprise for me as I was only 25 years old at the time.  My technical studies were put on hold in order for me to develop the mentioned schools within a 10 year timeframe.  I was the founding director and had to build it up from the beginning.  The idea was to return to my technical studies at a later stage.

I have strictly adhered to and delivered over and above expectations within these 10 years.   My interests shifted during these 10 years and I did not return to programming as initially indicated but founded a company instead.  Together with partners, Thomas Kaser and Andreas Murauer, the Company ‘PROJECTS4’ was born.   The Company specialises in formulating creative ideas and concepts.

As early as the year 1999, I started to take serious interest in „rural development".  Together with my business partner Thomas Kaser we managed a large tourism project.  The knowledge gained during this time strengthened me in my work as a consultant and developer.  I have engaged myself intensely in the EU LEADER program and have been Leader Manager in the Sauwald region since 2003.

I have acquired many different skills during the past years as a music educator, programmer and project developer. I am capable of transferring my knowledge and expertise to others by inspiring them to go the extra mile. 

I am still an active musician today. I play saxophone, clarinet, piano, sing in the choir and play the church organ.  I occasionally work as conductor on special music projects.

In my spare time I assist with cultural exchange projects, e.g. Africa (South Africa, Mali, Algeria, Reunion) and other countries in Europe.  I consider myself a valued partner and expert in the management of meetings and events of all sizes.

I married Andrea in 1991.  We have three sons, Florian (1992), Maxi (1994) and Moritz (2007).  They ensure that we never have a dull moment enriching our lives in the process.