What can I do

My main source of income is the development and management of projects and areas/regions. An important part is the facilitation of meetings, training, lecturing, preparation of strategies, documents, business plans, projects plans, interaction with stakeholders and authorities, funding institutions etc. with the main focus on rural development.

Our Company PROJECTS4 has a management consultancy, advertising and professional photography license. My partner Andreas Murauer is a specialist in advertising, graphics and design. I on the other hand, implement projects in the field of graphic and web programming as I still have a passion for the technical side.

Working independently from 2001 has enriched me with many skills and a wealth of knowledge in different fields. I am familiar with many software products, from Microsoft to Adobe.  I work mainly on Joomla from a web based perspective.

I have professionalised my English foreign language skill within international activities and within rural development.  I can lecture and facilitate sufficiently in English.  All consulting and concept development related activities can be done fluently in English and German. 

My co-workers and project partners appreciate my advanced communication skills, professionalism and social intercultural competence.  My siblings consider me an inspiring and excellent lecturer.  I get booked often to facilitate and lecture internationally at workshops or presentations.

In workshops I am considered as a sensible moderator but still manage to achieve the best results in the scheduled time.

My capability to formulate ideas into words often provides the main input for the development of ideas and projects.

Make sure to book me for your project. My contact details can be found in the "Contact" menu.